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3 ọffér x Fịcus Cạrịcạ Vịolẹt Dẹ Bordẹạux Ná


Product description

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3 ọffér x Fịcus Cạrịcạ Vịolẹt Dẹ Bordẹạux Ná

This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

Snoozin' Gods, 67 Hours of Editing, Two whole heads of hot hot treats

Tom: Wahey! Monday! It’s been a minute, eh? A whole week since I last gave you the skinny on what (wasn’t) going down on the website – but let me tell you;  this week we’ve got a couple of hot hot treats.

On Thursday, we’ll be publishing a searing hot review of lots of games at once. We’re filming it in approximately 13 hours, and we’ll have it delivered into your waiting palms within around… 67? Depends entirely on how fast I can edit and how fast Quinns can shoot B-Roll… Wait… does that mean? YEAH IT DOES! That’s right, it’s the year’s first two-head review! We’re slowly clambering back to normal after some year(s) of sitting alone and going slowly strange.

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This Week On Shut Up & Sit Down…

a rapid relax, a speedy slow, a lightning-fast lie-down

Tom: It’s Monday-o-clock! My alarm is bleeping but my eyes are closed! That’s right; it’s time for Shut Up & Sit Down’s twice-yearly nap.

After collectively admitting to being ‘a bit knackered’ in the company Slack, we’re sliding our schedule around like a knob of butter in a hot pan. We figured a little breathing room would recharge some creative batteries and let us come out swinging with our next batch of reviews, podcasts, and streams; or to continue this strained and unhelpful metaphor – cook you all up some premium egg.

That’s it! That’s the Monday post! No video, stream or pod this week, but some fun stuff to look forward to very soon. We’ve got our first collaborative videos of 2021 on the docket, we’ve got reviews of games new ‘n old, and we’ve got bags of stuff to pod about! I’ve been particularly fortunate in my recent plays, sitting down to the daunting Sleeping Gods, the bureaucratic North Berkeley, and the twisty little trick-taker Shamans. I’ve also played an avalanche of Brass: Birmingham. Games are so good! Who knew?

But that’s enough from me, for now! What have you been up to, everybody?

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Podcast #152 – Bashing The Reggies

The ‘Animal Collective’ Year, A tense tiebreaker, One hasty ending, No Envelopes This Week
HomyDelight Storage Organization, DIY 12 Cube Grid Wire Cube S · ZQYYUNDING Ashtray Anti Fly Ash Retro Japanese Style Stoneware A

In this nastily 152nd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns get shonky while talking about two games against the clock! We ramble for far too long about Egizia, a game of rivers and building monuments – before then chatting about Regicide, the hot new card game that’s got everyone a-bubblin’. We also talk a tiny bit about The Crew, and Tom does a bad joke twice!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Podcast #151 – Sloth Trek: The Twelfth Generation

The Envelope Party, I hate it when Quinns is right, disappointing unicorn
xigua Women Bath Towel Wrap Set Leopard Zebra Adjustable Bathr · Podcast #151 – Sloth Trek The Twelfth Generation

In this rapidly 151st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Ava and Quinns are climbing mountains and swinging from trees to tell you about some board games about climbing mountains and swinging from trees.

Quinns introduces us to Trek 12, a game of mapping out mountains, roping numbers together and some clever envelopes. Then Ava wants to be a bit over-familiar with Plastic Table Cloth, Multi Size Table Protector Pad PVC Vinyl To, a game of hitch-hiking sloth racing.

Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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Review: The Crew (and Mission Deep Sea!)

4 Terrible Boys, Reusing Jokes, Not as many space goofs as you might think

Badabing Badacrew! It’s a review of The Crew, 1 and 2!

In this video, Tom spends far too long burying the lede before chomping down on what makes The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine and The Crew: Mission Deep Sea some of the best card games on the market, and maybe even some of the best co-op games of all time. Have fun and stay safe, in the sea and in space!

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This week on shut up & sit down…

little shop of podcast, smoked paprika changed my life, a little bit of jealousy

Ava: Hot off the heels of a podcast record, it’s time for me to tell you about this week on Shut Up & Sit Down, the exact website you are looking at right now. SPOOKY! I’m really excited for this week’s output, because it’s got some stonking great games in it.

First up, on Tuesday, we’ll be jumping into the stream on Twitch and playing a whole game of Iberian Gauge, the third (and most interesting?) installment of Capstone Games’ Iron Rails series. This one offers a simplified stonks and shares train game with a lot of Spanish spice in it. It’s like an 18xx game that won’t make me cry with stress. Or will it? Let’s find out on Tuesday evening with me, Tom and Matt.

Then in the middle of the week, it’s Tom’s turn for a review, and it’s probably the game I’m most jealous of Tom for getting to review, because for me, it’s potentially my favourite game to come out in the last three years. Definitely make sure you’re ready to tune in as soon as it washes up.

Finally Friday, suddenly Seymour, perpetually podcast? I’m getting carried away with myself. Friday is the day when the podcasts come out, and this one should be a little treat. Me and Quinns found ourselves in a slightly odd mood and still managed to talk about two cute games that we kinda liked a bit? Fast Sloths makes us think about Friedmann Friese, and Trek 12 gets our tongues twisted.

Lovely stuff. So tell me lovelies, what have you been up to this weekend and what are you excited for this week?

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Podcast #150 – A Space, A Siege, A Christmas Surprise!

MEGA Damage, The Crosstalk Special, Matt likes Wargames now, Tom’s UKGE adventure, 4-5 Days of Bad Pork
Bathroom Sink Taps Chrome Waterfall Bathtub Faucet Wall Mount Wa · Podcast #150 – A Space, A Siege, A Christmas Surprise!

In this wobbly 150th episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, a freshly-jabbed Tom and perfectly off-kilter Matt are ready to tell YOU about SOME GAMES!

Matt regales us with the story of him crushing my space station in Star Scrappers:Orbital! We pretend to know all about wargames with Freedom! Tom rambles about his UKGE adventures in a smushed up-special!

And before you listen to this most excellent podcast, dear listener; a fun tidbit. We were going to do a big chunky roundup of all the exciting things Tom saw at UKGE, but so much of it was sufficiently interesting or strange that we’re going to save it for future, more in-depth coverage. Stay tuned for some opinions, and some hot, hot games!

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Review – Hostage Negotiator: Career

talkin' bout mastu--, the touch by stan bush, a breakfast cereal sponsored by the cops

This month Quinns was afraid to restart his regular board game nights until he’d been double-vaccinated, so not for the first time this year, he broke out a solo game. Hostage Negotiator by Van Ryder Games. And OH BABY! What a FIND!

The base games of Hostage Negotiator and Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave are plenty of fun, but it’s Hostage Negotiator: Career that inspired this video.

Have you ever wanted to star in your own questionable series of airport novels? Then this is the game for you.

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Shutupshow Tweets

"Eaauurghhh!!" That's the sound of us spinning up the content machine after a week that we were meant to take off, but didn't. Here's the news on what's going on this week in the land of Shut Up & Sit Down, the world's creakiest board game review site! shutupandsitdown.com/this-wee…

About a day ago from Shut Up & Sit Down's Twitter via Twitter Web App

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